Clipboard Tool

Clipboard Tool 1.5b

Add more power to your clipboard


  • Saves copied text in a stack
  • Export as a text document
  • Single out copied links


  • Not an excuse for plagiarism!


The clipboard is something that we use all the time but probably take for granted. However, we rarely actually call it up on screen because it only normally contains the last thing we copied. Well, it's time you changed all this by installing Clipboard Tool, which improves the capabilities of your clipboard to make life much easier for you.

While the default Windows Mobile clipboard only remembers the last copied text, this program is able to save all text copied into a pile, allowing you to retrieve this as a text block at any time. Moreover, you can visualize the entire text available on the stack, using a filter pattern, view only copied links, export the whole stack as a text document, among other possibilities.

This makes Clipboard Tool particularly useful for research purposes, as it allows you to collect text content from the Web in a more practical manner.

Clipboard Tool is a small utility made to enhance the existing Windows Mobile Clipboard. This is made by organizing the clipboard as a stack: every time you copy something, this is added to the stack. Once you want to paste something, just open Clipboard tool and select it from the stack.

Some additional features are added, such as the "Links" view, which allows you to filter out of the stack only the weblinks, and the "Filter" view, which adds Regular Expressions, allowing you to make complex searches over your Clipboard Stack. In addition, you can choose to export the whole content of the clipboard to a Text file.

Clipboard Tool


Clipboard Tool 1.5b

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